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Name:Isaac Carter Tynan
Birthdate:Jul 27
Location:Oregon, United States of America
Isaac Carter Tynan is the younger brother of Dave Tynan, both born in New York City. They grew up very close, being the only two children in the family. As most boys can be, they were definitely a handful for their parents, but things seemed happy in the Tynan family, with their parents wanting to have more kids and a bigger family. That would never come to pass, though, when Dave and Isaac's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and died only a year later. They were very young and it was a painful thing for them to go through, but their father did the best he could to ensure that both boys still knew they were loved. It was in Dave's early high school years that he finally started to date again, with the love and support of both of his sons, the end result being that they ended up with a stepsister named Ivana, whom both of them took to as if she were their biological sister.

While Dave and Ivana wanted to stay in New York, Isaac ended up in a coed boarding school in Minnesota. He worked really hard for his grades, because he knew that it was an expensive school, and he wanted to make his family back home proud. It was within the first few weeks there as a freshman that Isaac met Jason, a fellow New Yorker, but from the suburbs, not the City itself. Right off the bat, they hit it off, and became really good friends. Jason was raised in a devout Christian family, with four siblings, and Isaac was about as far from religious as it could be. Early on in his freshman year, he came out as gay, but Jason didn't end their friendship, despite his religious beliefs about homosexuality. Their friendship only grew, until they began to realize that they were feeling things pretty strongly for each other. It was a scary thing for both of them in different ways... Isaac because this was someone he considered one of his best friends, and he was terrified of ruining their friendship, or fucking things up for Jason with his family, and Jason because of what he'd been taught. But both of them decided from the start that it was worth it to them to keep going with what felt right and natural to them both.

So keep going with it they did, and the truth was, they fell decidedly in love. They were every bit the stereotypical high school sweethearts, except the fact that Jason's family only knew Isaac as his best friend, and later roommate when they were able to choose rooms, and decided to room together. Because he loved Jason and knew how they felt about gay people, he never pushed him to come out to them, instead assuring him that it would remain something between them and those who would support them. Because of this, Jason did spend a lot of time with Isaac's family over the years, considering it wasn't that far between their respective homes. Isaac's family adored Jason and everything pretty well stayed strong between them throughout high school.

So strong, in fact, that, when gay marriage was legalized in Minnesota, the boys decided that they would be married as soon as they were both 18 and the law came into play. The legalization was completed on August 1, and they planned to be married that day. Isaac talked about it extensively with his brother and sister and his dad and stepmom, all of whom wanted him to wait a while. In his young, loved up mind he had no idea what he was getting himself into. It was romantic and exciting to live in a changing world where gay people could marry the ones they loved, and to do so with his own boyfriend whom he adored. So against his family's wishes, but not without their support, Isaac married his high school love only weeks after turning 18. It wasn't a very expensive or extravagant wedding, but for Isaac, it was a fairy tale and a dream come true. He got to legally marry the guy he'd long since decided was the love of his life.

They moved into a tiny apartment together, excited to start their new life with college the next school year, and summer jobs in between that managed to keep their heads above water in the tiny place where they were living. But that, sadly, was where the honeymoon ended. Only a few weeks into things, they were already beginning to fight, struggling to make their marriage work. They had been so caught up in the excitement and romanticism of a wedding, and getting married, that they'd missed the whole part where getting married was followed by being married, which was decidedly more difficult. Only months into their marriage, things had entirely broken down, and instead of going for the second semester of school close to his husband, Isaac made the choice to go away to school, to Oregon State, which had been his second choice. Both boys were devastated, but at such a young age, hardly knew what the hell they were doing to be able to fix things when they realized that having jobs with weird schedules instead of just being students had taken away their usual reconciliation mechanisms of cuddling and sex. In fact, they often lead to hardly seeing each other some days, and being so tired that they often fought when they did see each other.

Isaac, instead of his original plan, went to finish his degree far from home and from Jason, and tried like hell to forget the mistakes he'd made. In the meantime, Dave became ill with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, but knowing that his little brother was in school, made sure that anyone who talked to Isaac about it kept on the hush, and when Isaac wanted to visit, Dave would ensure that it wasn't a week he was having chemo. Being so far from home was difficult, and missing Jason was even harder. The truth was, he never stopped loving Jason, but jumping into marriage had been a mistake. Still, while he was living his life as a single guy, there was something comforting in the knowledge that, at least by law, Jason was still his husband. It was something he never truly admitted to himself out loud, or even let himself think about enough to put a name to it. At least, not until he was served divorce papers from an attorney named Mark Campbell, based in New York.

The papers sat on his table for a few weeks, neatly tucked into their manila envelope. He couldn't put pen to paper to sign them, no matter how little sense it made to resist after they'd grown so far apart, and hadn't even spoken since Isaac left. It was right after the summer started that Isaac decided it was high time to get his ass back to New York to see his family, including Dave, who had only revealed after the fact that he'd beaten cancer, and hopefully to find Jason to settle this whole thing once and for all.

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